2014 GFL Champs has a dangerous backfield set up for 2015! 

New York Lions again this season is projected to have the strongest backfield in the GFL and possibly Europe. American David McCants will be the main ball carrier, with 1,209 yards in 2014 David was among the best ball carriers in the GFL while sharing carries. 

The 27 year-old, 1.73 meters wide and 87 kg speedy McCants, last season was one of the main players in the attack of the Brunswick Head Coach 

Troy Tomlin. With his 1209 Yards on 149 carries with 19 touchdowns and 320 yards from pass catches, he was the best guarantee for the offensive attack of the New Yorker Lions in 2014. David also added 710 yards and a touchdown from returns.
Also joining in the backfield of the attack of the New York Lions are Jabari Johnson, Lukasz Omelanczuk, Patrick Papke, Maximilian Merwarth, Philip Hempelmann and newcomer Chris Smith. 
Returning to his old position of running backs is Jabari Johnson. 
For many years, the 35-year-old Jabari Johnson  has been a reliable player on the team of the lions. 
Whether as a running back on the Defense are special teams. 
Where “JJ” is used by the team he plays. 
It continues here with the 27-year-old Polish international Lukasz Omelanzcuk. 
The 1.84 m wide and 100-pound powerhouse is both a running back and fullback and tight end, with very good blocking ability. Lukasz come’s from the Polish top league team, the Giants Wrocław. 
Since 2010, 25-year-old Philip Hempel has been well known by lions fans. Phil played  last season as a defensive back for the Lions. By the end of the 2014 season he changed to running back in the attack and was mainly used as a fullback. 
New to ranks of the running attack in 2014, the 25-year-old Patrick Papke of the Darmstadt Diamonds. 
The 1 80 m wide and 98 kg round from riser in the GFL 2 recommended himself for the team the New York Lions on the try-out of the lion city dwellers in December-2013. 
Also last year, the New Yorker Lions gained Maximilian Merwarth. Previously, he was active for the Stuttgart Scorpions in the GFL South. Merwarth is mainly used in the attack of the Lions fullback. He can also play tight end or Offense Line. 
New Addition to the ball carriers of the New York Lions is a native of the neighboring country of the Netherlands Chris Smith. 

The 23-year-old aspiring sports teacher began at the age of 13 years at the Hague Raiders ’99 with American Football. In 2011 he moved to the highest Dutch league to the Alphen Eagles, three times with whom he won the national title in four seasons. Chris will be a big addition to the Lions backfield, we are looking for big things from him as well as a Lions 2015 Championship!!!

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