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Chatman to be a big addition for the Rangers in 2015

Next Rangers newcomer is Joseph Chatman. Joe is a versatile player who is together with Markus Gärtner and the Rangers a strong offensive. He will also set the tone in the defense and special teams.

Joe began his college football career at Fullerton Junior College in California, where he latched on to running back. Joe had 1,572 yards in only 10 games and scored 16 touchdowns. At Midwestern State University in Division II, he continued his college career and subsequently received an invitation to the NFL Regional Combine.

In 2011 he moved to Germany in the GFL 2 to the Kirchdorf Wildcats, where he added nearly 900 yards in just 7 games. The following year he showed his skills on the other side of the ball. As safety and cornerback he provided for the Munich Cowboys 8 tackles and 290 all purpose yards in 2012. In 2013, he focused on his strengths as a running back for the Starnberg Argonauts in the GFL 2 and 2014 in the Regionalliga Süd.

“Joe gives our offense many options and will make it hard to figure us out,” said offensive coordinator Julian Saisset-Roche. 

Source: Munich Rangers 



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