Gessel returns to Germany to Lead the Jets

For the upcoming season, the Troisdorf Regional Jets can look forward to the aid of a US-American. With Brian Gessel the Troisdorfer Footballer have found an experienced coach for the youth field, which is also acting as a quarterback at the Seniors.

A native of Southern California Gessel has already gained plenty of experience in Europe. He stood as the Bolzano Giants (Italy), the Badalona Dracs (Spain) and the Clermont Ferrant servals (France) with his football knowledge. In France, lives with his life companion, from which he came directly from a few days ago. “Of course, we followed  up with our inquiries about Brian before and since a few irritating things came to light,” says Jets Club President Eric groats Bach , “In his two previous guest appearances in Germany he was apparently not very lucky.” The Lübeck Seals and the Kirchdorf Wildcats have already sent Gessel after a few games back home. It was a bad attitude to the team and a lack of integration of the question. “I have a long talk with him about it and he told me his view of things. As always there are two sides of the same coin, “says Bach groats. “Brian wanted to coach again in Germany and play, he has experience, talent and is in top shape physically. Why should we not give him a fair chance? ” The 30-year-old American has already completed the first training sessions with his new Jets team and becomes familiar with their game systems. Shortly after his arrival in Germany he was allowed to get to know his bodyguards for the upcoming season. The offensive line was called the Jets Brian Gessel in his new team with a dinner welcome. His first official football forward Gessel has with the U19 of the jets that hit on March 21 on this day in preparation in Solingen on the Steelers , Self is the new quarterback on 28 March 2015 to the field. Then the Troisdorf Jets meet in their first preseason game on the Mönchengladbach Wolfpack (KO 18 clock, Agger stadium). A second preseason game follows on Easter Sunday in Montabaur against the Fighting Farmers before mid-April starts the Regional season.


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