The next best opportunity next to the National team! 



As some of you may know the International Scouting Network plans on holding camps in Europe this summer with the first being held in the beautiful eastern Germany city of Cottbus. Jason Farias the Head Coach of the Cottbus Crayfish will host the camp this may. Many only know that these camps are offering opportunities to be evaluated by college coaches in hopes of earning a shot at college football. Not only does our camps offer great coaching, we also offer a 365 day recruiting assistance program which isn’t offered by any other services. ISN will create player bio’s for all camp participants, bio’s will include film a complete football resume along with your academic background. Wait the best has yet to be reviled!!! Why do we see ISN camps as the next best thing next to the National team? For those who maybe didn’t make the final roster you have a shot of making the ISN travel team roster. We are planing to select the best athletes from our camps, those guys will have the opportunity to compete stateside, at the moment we are in contact with the Head Coach of La Verne about a showcase game vs their JV team. This will be a great opportunity to play in front of more college coaches to better your chances of being recruited and also it would be an amazing experience because your actually playing a college team. We will have more information in weeks to come. The best thing for us now is reaching out to all the athletes out there to  put together the best possible team. This will be a yearly event and we plan on making a name for our travel team so we are challenging you all to come out and give your all !!! Spread the word, the more the better and if any organizations are interested in hosting a ISN Eval Camp are partnering in anyway please contact us at


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