Scorpions Satisfied After A 34:9 Loss 


In front of a crowd of about 3,200, the Stuttgart Scorpions traveled this past weekend to Innsbruck Tivoli Stadium to play against the Raiders Swarco for the first preseason game of the year. At the end the Scorpions took a 09: 34-defeat to the book, but all in all felt a successful overall impression. With the Tirol snowfall, and supported by about 50 crazy fans, the team of head coach Jemil Hamiko showed a very good performance and held the Raiders the first three quarters equal.

The Raiders made the first points of the day: Running back David Oku  seven minutes in the first quarter running three yards for the 06: 00-lead. However, the response of Stuttgart was not long, only about a minute later shortened Pascal Flöser with a field goal from 29 yards at 6:03. That Flöser on this day was one of those who stuck it out and showed a strong collective for the Scorpions; so he latched on to about 60 yards, which meant an average of over five yards per run, and was elected at the end deservedly  MVP on the part of the Scorpions. Also with a good day with two quarterbacks sacks, Sean Shelton on the part of the Raiders, and Tom Schneider of the Scorpions. This showed that he still is very dependable and needed despite a very long break after a serious injury in 2013.

Points wouldn’t  fall no more until halftime, both defensive teams had things under control. So it was finally from the special teams, which served the next points: David Oku took a punt return for about 44 yards down to the end zone before Fabian Abfaltersbach extra point made the new score 13 : 03. A little later, still about five minutes to play in the third , Schneider scored his first touchdown pass of the day: Lasse Ahlgrimm caught this and from then on it was 13:09. Just before the last page change operated by Kyle Callahan the score was 20:09 (PAT Abfaltersbach) for the Raiders.

In the last quarter were the forces of the Scorpions, not surprising after preparation workload in recent weeks, finally, after the Raiders and thus ensured even for the final score of 34:09 touchdowns by Callahan (by-pass of Shelton, PAT Abfaltersbach) and Shelton (by Running, PAT Abfaltersbach).

The only downer is that defense Jermaine Guynn retire through injury and had to be hospitalized before the place, but it is able to intervene in a few weeks active again into the action. And nevertheless, the conclusion is the camp of the Scorpions completely positive, due to the performance shown, but also thanks to the excellent organization of the Raiders. Correspondingly, Head Coach Hamiko commented after the game: “I can be very happy today and I am sure that everyone present has seen that we can compete with an opponent of this caliber today with my team’s performance. For the April 18, beginning in the GFL we should be well prepared. “




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