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Slow Start With A Strong Finish!


This past Saturday the Potsdam Royals hosted the Paderborn Dolphins. The game got off to a very slow start for both teams, until Dolphins kicker D.Groene banged one from 47 yards out for the first points. Royals fans started getting nervous in the second quarter when Dolphins quarterback Z.Cavanaugh connected with Groene for a 47 yard strike through the air to go up 10-0. The Royals finally responded when quarterback J.Frias scored from 6 yards out for the first points of the game. 10-7 PD. Before the half Dolphins quarterback B.Smith wanted more and that he got as he hit running back P.Gamble for a 12 yard score. 17-7. At the start of the 3rd scoring stared with Potsdam R.Smith hauling in one from J.Frias from 6 yards out. 17-14. B.Smith would find the end zone one more time this game for the Dolphins, as Royals Frias and Smith went out with a bang connecting on 2 bombs 2 different times for scores. 95yard strike & 78yards. 

Potsdam 27- Paderborn 23



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