Austria Remains The European U19 Champions 

In the final of Sparkasse Junior European Championships Football Austria defeated the archrival Germany before 1,100 spectators with 30:22 (7: 0, 0:10, 7: 0, 16:12). After the exciting final of the long stretches cheers of Austrian guests and their terraces Annex in Dresden Heinz-Steyer-Stadion knew no bounds. The “Most Valuable Player” came from Austria: For the best performance throughout the tournament quarterback Bernhard Seikovits was named MVP, for the most spectacular performance in the final running back Anton Wegan. The preliminary decision fell shortly after the last page change when Wegan with his brief run in the end zone, the German had to mark 21:10. Three times the German defense had entgegengestemmt the onslaught of the immensely powerful Austrian Angrffs, at the fourth attempt, the Red-White-Red were unstoppable. Only two plays later, the Austrians came back in possession, as Leon Balogh intercepted a pass of German quarterbacks January Weinreich. Two minutes later, Austria was able to increase to 28:10, as Seikovits Maurice Wappl served per pass. The two touchdowns during the German fightback by Jan Weinreich and Glody Ngovo came too late.

In the half-time the Germans had a 10: 7-taken advantage of in the cabins. In the first quarter, the two teams had delivered a thrilling slugfest of big plays. Here Germany had the first word, as a quarterback in January Weinreich Amon-Ra St. Brown had served more than 56 yards. The ensuing field goal attempt, the Germans had but did not get between the goal posts. For the Austrians retaliated with a 55-yard run by Wegan to 7: 0 lead. Wegan had then the same in his role as football and last man prevents the possible compensation, as Jerome Manyema had carried the ball for the kickoff for the German team already about 52 yards deep in the Austrian half.

Their first points the Germans had come, after Austria’s team had temporarily lost at the end of the second quarter after an interception, a little yarn. Amon-Ra St. Brown by touchdown and Paul Jung with a field goal at the end of the second quarter ensured the 10: 7 for the hosts. In her first series of attacks after the restart but the Austrians were swung right back to winning ways by 14:10 by Leonel Misangumukini.

For Germany it was the hoped-for European title in the end nothing. At first, of course, disappointing, especially because most players have exceeded the age limit in two years and will receive no direct chance for revenge. But compared to the previous two tournaments, the second rank is indeed an improvement. With now eight runners-up Germany built his own Junior Championships record further.

And the final of the Sparkasse Junior European Championships Football was ultimately just one of many games, was where wrestled for supremacy in Europe, with many more to come. In the men the AFVD teams have recently argued with both the national team and with the club teams several times in a row, the supremacy, the total reached the German youth development are diminished by this defeat very little. With five current NFL professionals that emerged from German clubs, the success is just on another level.



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