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Hear From 1 of France Top College Prospects How ISN Can Help You! 

Before I began my football career my only wish was to live in the USA and play, same dreams like many european players but it´s not easy for us.. When I first spoke to Coach J last winter, I let him know how much I wanted to play in america and he spoke to me about ISN a scouting service devoted to helping European players in their quest of leaving to play for an American team. To be honest, at the begin I thought it was something like europlayers, the same type of organization but with No help and 0 personal attention. I figured it will take a lot of time to find a team but I decided to trust in Coach J, so I sent him my grades and my highlight and all i had to do was stay in touch and support ISN !! Coach J played a intermediary role between me and the coach, I just had to follow Coach J’s instructions and the result is that i’ll probably leave in mid year to play for a College in Wisconsin.. It have took about 6 months from the time I sent my grades and highlight to Coach J. I thus wrote this small summary to explain to everybody who want to leave , how ISN works!! They did a Great job for me so they Can do it for you too ! A big thank to Coach J and ISN . 
Steven P



ISN, specializes in placing international students from around the world in American Universities and preparatory /High schools. We take pride in providing highly personal attention to every international student placement. During the past 5 years we have assisted students finding the education that best suits their needs and circumstances. You can be confident that ISN will support you with personal service throughout your education in the United States.

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