Hear From 1 of France Top College Prospects How ISN Can Help You! 

Before I began my football career my only wish was to live in the USA and play, same dreams like many european players but it´s not easy for us.. When I first spoke to Coach J last winter, I let him know how much I wanted to play in america and he spoke to me about ISN a scouting service devoted to helping European players in their quest of leaving to play for an American team. To be honest, at the begin I thought it was something like europlayers, the same type of organization but with No help and 0 personal attention. I figured it will take a lot of time to find a team but I decided to trust in Coach J, so I sent him my grades and my highlight and all i had to do was stay in touch and support ISN !! Coach J played a intermediary role between me and the coach, I just had to follow Coach J’s instructions and the result is that i’ll probably leave in mid year to play for a College in Wisconsin.. It have took about 6 months from the time I sent my grades and highlight to Coach J. I thus wrote this small summary to explain to everybody who want to leave , how ISN works!! They did a Great job for me so they Can do it for you too ! A big thank to Coach J and ISN . 
Steven P


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