In The Zone With E.St.Louis Flyers DB Tahler Cook!


We got a chance to ask a few questions to one of Illinois most under rated defensive backs East St. Louis Flyer Tahler Cook. Cook who is 6’0 195 plays big in coverage as well as takes care of business inside the box. Cook who represents the C/O 2017 at the moment holds 0 offers. 
When we asked Tahler what got him into football :

 Just the love for the game, to takes my mind off the things going on around me, and that the only time I really feel like I have a family.

And coming from a tough community like East St Louis it’s not easy to escape the temptations around you. That’s why he replied to the next question of how far do he hope his talents can take him:
 I want to take football as far as my abilities allow me to take it! 
And as seen on his HL his most favorite thing about Football is defense and definitely: Hitting people.

Tahler stated his team goal is to win state since their season got cut short due to the teachers strike and his personal goal is to get noticed and show his abilities to colleges that he can make plays and show everything he couldn’t because of an injury last season
When asked if the playoffs and championship run is in the picture for the Flyers Tahler replied hands down: Yes

And even though we don’t look ahead of any opponent we ask what game was he most excited to play this coming season and St.louis power CBC was the answer. So teams facing T. Cook before hand better be ready because he’s preparing for a boarder war!

Cook stated he’s Extremely confident about this season because his team is full of competitors and he’s a “Big” one and this is his last year to show everybody his talent.

When not tied up with working out, practice are in the books Cook’s biggest interest is Music.
One of the most important thing’s Tahler want ISN readers and Coaches to know is: I never give up 
And if he had one message for our readers it’s: Never give up even when all odds are against you! 

🇺🇸DBTahler Cook 6’0 195 17’ESTLHS(IL)📍Explosive📍Attack📍Hitter📍Can cover


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