Utilizing the equipment you have!!

Every coach dreams of using the latest and best equipment to teach their players. Few coaches have those kinds of resources.

Especially overseas.

One challenge for football coaches in Europe and other parts of the world where soccer is the dominant type of sport is finding good field-training equipment. Even where budgets can afford it, availability does not always meet demand. In Turkey, we have dealt with that problem for years.

As coaches, we must be creative in transforming soccer related field-equipment for the purposes of football. 

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At Bogazici Janissaries in Istanbul, we emphasize the chute as a key piece of equipment for players learning how to play and stay low. Being able to get off the stance from under a proper height structure is critical in developing forward movement while simultaneously fulfilling the mechanical needs of tackling or blocking. For a proper tackling or blocking progression, players need be able to move their upper extremities while keeping an arch in their back and staying low to the ground.

Supplying a proper chute can be expensive in terms of shipping costs from United States, and not everyone has access to materials and designers to create a good homemade replica. Also, with few teams having a regular home practice field, locations must be flexible and teams must be able to break down and transport any equipment. The mobile nature of practice locations makes unrealistic to keep a chute stationary at a given field.

In order to overcome these obstacles, we utilize soccer goal posts as practical chutes. If we can find miniature posts, we also utilize those.

As a result, we have managed to utilize soccer goal posts for the following drills:

Offensive linemen in their blocking progression

Heads Up Football buzz and hit drills

Defensive linemen roll, shuffle and punch drills

No matter how you do it, put your players in the right position to learn safely and effectively with the equipment you have at hand.

Bora Tamer Yilmaz is an American football coach in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a coach with the Janissary Under-19 football team, part of the Bogazici Sultans sponsored by Turkish Airlines. You can follow him on Twitter @batarya.


BIG6: Vienna Vikings has Huge Game!!

Austrians win the season opener at Aix en Provence with 42-0
The Vienna Vikings have showed their current strength in their first game in group A of the BIG6 in a very impressive manner. At the French vice Champion Les Argonautes d`Aix en Provence the Vikings reached a shutout 42-0 victory and remain undefeated this season after two wins in their domestic league.
In front of a crowd of around 500 spectators, including 50 Vikings fans who had come all the way to the south of France together with the team, the guests scored the first touchdown with youth player Martin Deininger after a pass of quarterback Bernhard Seikovits in the first quarter.
In the second period it was the defense to make the points, as defensive back Luis Horvath carried back an interception for a touchdown.
After the break, the guests played for a quick decision, again both sides of the ball were good for more points. First wide receiver Maurice Wappl caught a pass in the end zone, then Defensive Back Maximilian Zangl grabbed a fumble and carried the ball into the end zone of the Argonautes before Defensive Back Christoph Gombkötö did the same with an interception.
The final touchdown was scored by RB Florian Maier, who ran into the endzone in the last quarter. Because kicker Sebastian Daum was successful with all of his six extra points, the result was 42-0 at the end.
This victory brings the Vienna Vikings in a good position for a place in the Eurobowl XXX before the decision game versus the New Yorker Lions will be played at home at the 24th of April.

BY TOM AUST/Big6 Football 

BIG 6 starts in the Third Season on Saturday


Battle for the Eurobowl XXX begins in France

After the first game in the EFL was already completed, the season of the first class in European football, the BIG6 European Football League, is starting this weekend.
The opener will take place on Saturday, the 9th of April at 6 p.m. in group A, when the Aix en Provence Argonautes and the Vienna Vikings face each other in the Complex Sportive Maurice David. For the eight-time French champions it is the debut in the top European league.
For the Austrians on the other hand, it is already the third season in the BIG6. Also the Vikings are the record holder in the Eurobowl history with five titles. The team from Vienna is traveling with a lot of confidence to Aix en Provence, because of two wins in two games in their national league. First they won with 31-0 at the Danube Dragons, then they celebrated their home opener last weekend against the Ljubljana Silverhawks with a 16-7 win.
Vienna Head Coach Chris Calaycay: “The Vienna Vikings are looking forward to the BIG6 game vs. the Argonauts. This will be the first time the teams have played since 2000 in the euro bowl group play. We are expecting a tough opponent and preparing for a fast and physical football game.“
But the host is going also still unbeaten in the European encounter. After a 39-12 against Temliers d’Elancourt, the Argonautes won their second game in the domestic league with 20- 6 at the French champion Thonon Black Panthers. It seems that both teams are in a good shape and both are prepared for the first game of the BIG6.
The group is completed by the New Yorker Lions, the reigning Eurobowl champion.
In the other group the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol, the Berlin Adler and the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns fight for a place in the European final.