BIG 6 starts in the Third Season on Saturday


Battle for the Eurobowl XXX begins in France

After the first game in the EFL was already completed, the season of the first class in European football, the BIG6 European Football League, is starting this weekend.
The opener will take place on Saturday, the 9th of April at 6 p.m. in group A, when the Aix en Provence Argonautes and the Vienna Vikings face each other in the Complex Sportive Maurice David. For the eight-time French champions it is the debut in the top European league.
For the Austrians on the other hand, it is already the third season in the BIG6. Also the Vikings are the record holder in the Eurobowl history with five titles. The team from Vienna is traveling with a lot of confidence to Aix en Provence, because of two wins in two games in their national league. First they won with 31-0 at the Danube Dragons, then they celebrated their home opener last weekend against the Ljubljana Silverhawks with a 16-7 win.
Vienna Head Coach Chris Calaycay: “The Vienna Vikings are looking forward to the BIG6 game vs. the Argonauts. This will be the first time the teams have played since 2000 in the euro bowl group play. We are expecting a tough opponent and preparing for a fast and physical football game.“
But the host is going also still unbeaten in the European encounter. After a 39-12 against Temliers d’Elancourt, the Argonautes won their second game in the domestic league with 20- 6 at the French champion Thonon Black Panthers. It seems that both teams are in a good shape and both are prepared for the first game of the BIG6.
The group is completed by the New Yorker Lions, the reigning Eurobowl champion.
In the other group the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol, the Berlin Adler and the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns fight for a place in the European final.


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