ISN Spotlights Nevin Alaka’i Yuen of Moanalua HS in Hawaii 

The off season for Nevin Alaka’i Yuen 6’3 180 Quarterback of Moanalua HS in Hawaii has been nonstop training with his strength and conditioning Coaches. In June Nevin will be attending Hawaiis GPA Camp and also hopefully going to make it out to Cals Camp as well.. Like we said it’s been non stop training.
 Recruiting is okay. Nevin was without a head coach for a good while and lost the momentum during that process. However Moanalua has a new coach now and have just begun the recruiting process. 

Nevin has a offer by a small school, Kentucky Christian University. However in the past 2 wks multiple D1 schools have made contact and is expected to visit his practices next wk..Nevin has recently spoken to Cal, Hawaii, Air Force and San Jose State..He was recently told by a former coach that USC and BYU has expressed interest…


 Nevin told us his deciding factor will be “How the university handles their education and how competitive the football program is. I am in a strong believer in the Lord so whoever I play for will have to understand and value my relationship with God”
Moanalua is looking unbelievable at the moment. We are loaded at skilled positions. I have a young line and not the biggest in size, but they are very strong, with great technique and quick feet. Its going to be a very successful season for us..”(NAY)


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