ISN Spotlight: Jasper Friis Newcomer to AquinasHS of San Bernardino (CA)

Jasper Friis arrived in San Bernardino less then 24hrs ago, and jumped right into practice today and did great coaches said! He’s picking things up just fine. As a European prospect Jasper has already been rated a 3⭐️ and now playing weekly against American talent we are sure to see that rating go up! Jasper just finished up his season in Germany with the Fursty Razorbacks, one of Southern Deutschland’s Top Junior programs, he’s was also a valuable member of the Bavaria Warriors All star team.

Jasper has a bright future and nothing but oppurtunites in front of him, being C/O 2018 gives him 2 season of eligibility at AHS not to mention playing in the CIF which is one of California’s most known conferences. He’s right in the backyard’s of USC,UCLA, and CAL just to name a few. And if these programs alongside every other program within 200 mile don’t have a recruiter in San Bernardino at an Aquinas game something is wrong. This team is loaded with talent! Join Jasper and the Aquinas Falcons this season for some exciting football action! Answer the call! 
3.5⭐️🇩🇪OL Jasper Friis 6’7 300 18’San Bernardino(CA)Munich(DE)📍Great size📍Explosive📍Finishes


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