ISN Top Prospect Salieu Ceesay Drawing Big Time Attention! #TrustTheISNProcess 

It’s been over a year now since German quarterback Salieu Ceesay contacted ISN & Coach Jonas about their student placement service and helping him achieve a dream of playing high school football in America. Coach Jonas followed his normal routine as he does for all ISN clients, he asked Salieu to send in his football bio!. Coach evaluated the film of the young QB and fell in love with his athletic ability. This young man was classified as someone special and coach Jonas accepted him in to the #ISNFamily and got to work. After being ranked and rated by ISN as a 4⭐️ QB many American coaches took notice. After talking with a few different schools coach Jonas found the perfect match for Salieu. A safe family atmosphere is something he was looking for and we found that in Aquinas and their staff.  After gathering all the information Salieu would need to attend school in America we started the process. Many think the process is simple and easy but their wrong, it’s much more to it and you must have the mind for such a process. Salieu helped Aquinas this year as a junior at many positions like QB 64-111 1146PY 16TD 2INT,WR, and DB 13tackles and 2INTs and went to the Semifinals with a 11-3 overall record and 4-1 in conference play in his first American season! Salieu also pulled in league achievements on top of becoming a big time D1 prospect, gaining interest from colleges like USC, Fresno St, Utah St,and USF to name a few. He’s spending his offseason working with Steve Calhoun of Armed and Dangerous which is seen as one of America’s best QB instructors. Salieu will draw lots of more attention from big time colleges heading into next season. He’s also drawing tons of attention from all types of different outlets looking to possibly cash in on his success. Salieu has been and will remain apart of the ISN family Coach Jonas stated! 


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