The (Recruiting) Process!

Get Recruited to Play College Sports

The recruiting process is very different depending on your sport and what division level you are being recruited at. The amount of money spent on recruiting by each sports team is not regulated like it is with scholarships. This means your big sports like football spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and other programs are left with sometimes only a couple thousand dollars a year for recruiting.

What can you do if the coach has a big recruiting budget?

If you are looking to play for one of the major college sports teams the recruiting process for these coaches is very different then smaller programs. If you aren’t hearing from these schools by your sophomore year you will need to take the initiative yourself. These programs have teams of people around the country finding athletes who can play at the top college levels.

Additionally, these coaches have certain expectations of the athletes they recruit. They will spend several hours evaluating each athlete over the course over a couple years. You need to be attending their camps, sending in video and finding other ways to play in front of these coaches. They don’t have time for athletes who appear disinterested.

What if the school you want to go to has a small recruiting budget?

The vast majority of scholarship opportunities come from programs that don’t have the money to go out and find their athletes. These programs rely on interested and qualified athletes to seek them out and make the effort to be evaluated by their staff. This means you will need to proactively contact schools, put together a resume and video and introduce yourself to coaches.

The expectations on the athlete are the same as larger programs. These coaches still need to evaluate you, you will need to attend their camps or showcases and visiting the school is always a good idea. Sometimes coaches can help out finically with visits or camps but typically an athlete will need to share some of the expense.

The only recruiting rule that matters.

While there are hundreds or complex recruiting rules there is only one that really matters and it’s not even really a rule. As a prospective student athlete you can call or email a coach anytime you want and the coaches can speak with you. As long as you are initiating the contact coaches can speak with you. But they are prohibited in initiating the contact with recruits. Rule savvy athletes have been using this little known fact for decades to get scholarships ahead of equally deserving recruits.




Plenty of high school football players are very good. Just because they were the best or among the best in their schools does not mean that college coaches will be offering up full ride football scholarships. Only those in the top 1% of players in their area can hope to hear the phone ring with the voice of a college coach on the other end without having to do a lot of the work in the football recruiting process on their own.

Many players choose to start their college football careers at the junior college level. There are several benefits to starting your career at the JUCO College level.

If you want to be recruited as a junior college football player you have to make it happen for yourself. Many JUCO colleges just do not have the budget necessary to mount serious recruiting campaigns, hire recruiters or offer scholarships to promising students. Contact coaches directly to talk about recruitment. Don’t give up completely on getting a community college football scholarship, teams that compete at the NJCAA permit up to 85 football scholarships.

Some junior college programs have plenty of funds while others barely have enough to operate. It can be challenging to get playing time at junior colleges, though, just as it can be in four-year colleges.

Academically, community colleges often offer a better learning environment than some four-year colleges. Their faculty members are just as experienced and educated as four-year college professors. With smaller class sizes, however, these teachers are able to devote some more of their time to responding to their students’ individual needs. Students often report that they feel some of the best educational opportunities begin at the community college level and that they really matter to their teachers. Smaller class sizes also encourage students to get to know one another and to build strong relationships with their peers.

This sort of environment can be just what some athletes need to thrive academically. To build the academic reputation necessary to be recruited by a four-year college coach down the road, many student athletes find junior college to the best answer.

When you’re researching junior colleges, look for ones that will offer you the most playing time. The more playing time you get the better chance you will be recruited at the NCAA level. Scouts can see you in action, and you will have the best opportunity to improve your game in your first two years of college so that you are ready to compete for football scholarships at the NCAA level before your junior year of college. Moving on to the NCAA level is not impossible once you play at the NJCAA level.

Don’t completely discount getting a football scholarship from a four-year institution after playing at the junior college level. If going to a junior college helps you get a good GPA during your first two years of college after a not-so-stellar high school academic career, enroll in one. You will save a significant amount of money in your first two years of college, possibly avoiding student loans altogether. Community colleges offer scholarships for a variety of talents. A good GPA can help you earn them and to pay your first two years of tuition easily.

Focus on finding the right people at a four year university to recruit you during your freshman and sophomore years. Get as much playing time as possible, and strive to do your best in every practice and game. Keep your grades up and your eyes on your goal, and you can play at the NCAA or NAIA level when the time is right on the perfect scholarship for you.

MaxPreps launches new mobile app for high school sports teams Free app simplifies team management and offers secure communication between coaches, parents and student-athletes.

CAMERON PARK, Calif. – MaxPreps, the leader in high school sports and a CBS Sports Digital site, launched a brand new mobile app today, Teams by MaxPreps. Designed specifically for high school coaches, the Teams app improves the high school sports experience by connecting staff, parents and student-athletes in a private community. Available for both iOS and Android, this free app is the newest addition to a suite of services that MaxPreps provides to high school sports communities throughout the country.

A key feature of the Teams app is individual privacy protection. With a focus on inter-team communications, the Teams app will ensure secure in-app communication without the need to share any personal contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. Earning high praise from administrators, the Teams app provides an extra layer of protection to all users.

Another special communication feature will prevent users from getting overwhelmed with messages. Specific topics can be managed in unique conversations, so arranging a carpool for the upcoming tournament doesn’t get mixed in with sharing position-specific practice times or ordering t-shirts. All communication will automatically include read receipts, giving the coach or team communicator the peace of mind that their message has been seen and received.

Beyond the team communication benefits, the Teams app reduces the stress on coaches by allowing them to manage permissions within their team community. App users can now be given specific access to update sports information and/or manage team communication. For example, coaches can allow a parent to manage communication without editing player stats.

“MaxPreps thrives due to the commitment of high school coaches to share their team’s sports information,” MaxPreps founder and president Andy Beal said. “We owe it to coaches to provide them with the tools they need to make them more efficient and give them more time to do what they really love – coach their teams.”

Teams by MaxPreps includes the following features:
• 100 percent free
• Privacy protection with no personal phone or email sharing
• Direct and group messaging, including read receipts
• App notifications for team updates
• Permission-based access
• Calendar syncing to mobile phones
• Roster and schedule management
• Score and stat entry tools

Coaches that already use MP Coach, MaxPreps’ existing coach-only mobile app, will be upgraded the next time they update their app. New coaches can download the Teams app from iTunes and Google Play stores.

For more information about the Teams app, please visit: