About ISN

ISN, specializes in placing international students from around the world in American Universities and preparatory /High schools. We take pride in providing highly personal attention to every international student placement. During the past 5 years we have assisted students finding the education that best suits their needs and circumstances.

You can be confident that ISN will support you with personal service throughout your education in the United States.

Thank you for selecting ISN to help you identify a school or university that will prepare you for professional success, global citizenship and a life filled with learning, meaning and value. For 5 years, ISN have helped dozens of students enroll in American schools and universities that match their academic skills, career aspirations and desires for a variety of new social and cultural experiences. We look forward to doing the same for you.

Since beginning its placement services in 2013, ISN has established a world-wide reputation for providing excellent and highly personalized assistance to universities and schools as well as students. We feel it is our obligation to make your transition from international applicant to enrolled student as smooth, simple and straightforward as possible. Our role is to prevent students and families from becoming overwhelmed by the process of identifying a suitable university or high school, completing the required documents, preparing for the visa interview and, finally, arranging the journey to a new academic and social environment. Moreover, ISN will continue to reach out to you via our Student Relations Manager who will act as your advocate and be available for assistance throughout your school or university experience. We wish you the very best as you begin your remarkable journey.
ISN athletes have the advantage when it comes to recruiting,we are providing year-round football exposure. Each athlete receives access to our network of college coaches and media. Exposure is essential to your recruiting success, and ISN helps athletes get recognized sooner by college coaches leading to early offers and more opportunities. The ISN team is dedicated to providing athletes with the tools necessary to meet and exceed their personal goals. ISN is where you go now to get where you want to be later!

International Scouting Network is based in Overland Park, Kansas, and looks to serve those looking to play football in the United States or Europe. Our athletic scouts and training programs are designed to open up opportunities for athletes of all ages. Former college players are assisted with combines, as well as a service to help them find teams that they can play with.

An Experienced Staff
Our staff is made up of former college players and athletes, and we offer a service that isn’t available in the United States or Europe. If you are an aspiring athlete, our experienced staff can provide the training and support you need to get there. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, our skilled staff provides a wide range of training and athletic experiences to help you get to the top of the football world in the two biggest markets in the world.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide athletes with the necessary resources to achieve their athletic and educational goals through elite physical training and personalized mental guidance. We strive to achieve the successful development of each athlete on and off the field.

ISN Founders


Brad Vickroy
Brad was an excellent player in high school and moved on to play college football at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) giving up multiple scholarship offers to play close to home. While at UW-Stevens Point Brad was a 2 time all conference player, 2 time All-Region, Regional Defensive Player of the Year, Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Player of the Year in 2008 and a 2008 All American.

After finishing a successful collegiate career Brad turned down multiple arena league contracts to go overseas to play in Europe. In 2009 Brad spent one season with the Marburg Mercenaries (Marburg, DE).

After an outstanding 2009 season, Brad Decided it was time to follow another calling in life and started coaching collegiate football. Brad spent 2009 and 2010 coacing at his alma mater UW-Stevens Point (Stevens Point, WI), in 2010 and 2011 Brad spent 2 season at the University of Mary (Bismarck, ND), and recently Brad has spent the last two seasons 2013/2014 at Avila University (Kansas City, MO).

Brad has played in Europe and has years of experience coaching collegiate football at the NCAA D2, NCAA D3, and the NAIA level. He knows what it takes to compete at every level and can help teach players what it takes to succeed on the next level!


Jamaal Jonas
Jamaal was an excellent player in high school and moved on to play college football at Canton Technical College in Canton NY. While at Canton Jamaal played safety and also excelled on special teams returning kicks.

Jamaal loved the game and knew that after college he wanted to continue his football career and play professionally. Jamaal started his professional career in the Arena league with the Sioux City Bandits. In 2009, after one year in the arena league Jamaal decided to take his talents overseas and joined the Marburg Mercenaries in the German Football League (GFL).

After one year in the GFL Jamaal was hooked and has never looked back. Jamaal played for the Marburg Mercenaries(Marburg, DE) in 2009, in 2010 the Kaiserslautern Pikes (Kaiserslaterrn, DE), in 2011 the Weinheim Longhorns (weinheim, DE), in 2012 the Searland Steelers (Saarland, DE), 2013/2014 the Nürnberg Rams (Nürnberg,DE), and is currently playing for the Erding Bulls (Erding, DE).

Jamaal has the years of both coaching and playing experience that helps him evaluate the best talent and turn avereage players into great players!

ISN Staff


David West

David has more than 10 years of evaluating and studying football film.
He has volunteer coaching experience at Limestone College (2013-2014) and Presbyterian College working with summer camps. At Limestone College he gave a film evaluation and gave them to coaches.
7 years of sports radio experience. In which he has interviewed players that have gone to the NFL or CFL.
David has worked with All Star games as the Globe Bowl, The Dream Bowl and the Gridiron Grid Showcase in which he has been a scouting consultant. At the College Gridiron Showcase he worked directly with NFL / CFL / AFL scouts and teams. David has a positive relationship with many scouts, agents, coaches, and players throughout the years.
Follow him on twitter @drwscout.
His email is drwscout@gmail.com

Projects I am involved with:

NFL Draft Mentor 2015-
Miami Dolphins Draft Experts Page on Facebook 2013-
NFL Draft War Room Head Interviewer 2014-
The Direct Snap Radio Show Insider 2015-
College Football Extra.com 2015-
Globe Bowl Scouting Consultant 2015-
Dream Bowl Scouting Consultant/Player Lesion 2014-
Draft Squad National Scout 2015-
Regional Scout-Minnesota Havok IFL Franchise 2015-



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