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The ISN Phenom Elite International Bowl Game is the premier high school football underclass men All-Star game. Due to our connection with a International HS in Florida the Bowl is planned to be held annually in Florida between Dec 27th-Jan 14.

The ISN PE International Bowl presented by Phenom Elite and  Key Player Nation will be the nation’s next premier high school under class men  All-Star game, featuring the best 60 underclass men in the ISN Database against Top. The Game will enjoy a worldwide television audience, thanks to a live broadcast on the ISN YouTube channel. This event is being setup to big a great opportunity and experience for everyone evolved! Key Player Nation,247 Sports, and other services  will be providing media coverage!! More information to be released !



The ISN Development Teams  will be comprised of the top players with up to four years of eligibility in the program. The ISN Development Teams are being established at the request of youth players and organizations to provide more players with the opportunity to participate in a National Team/All Star Game environment. As well as daily practice sessions to develop their football technique and fundamentals.

In 2018, up to 80 players born in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 will be selected for the ISN Development Teams. Players 19 as of December 1 2018 are eligible for the Bowl

Purpose of the ISN Development Teams

The ISN Development Teams are designed to offer the best U19 players from around the world a Game and Training Camp in which they will develop their technique, fundamentals and football skills. All the emphasis of the camp will be on the development of the assisting athletes to be the best football players they can be. Players are given an opportunity to be instructed by some of the world’s top USA coaches with ample experience. Among the objectives of the camp is to develop into a player that can contribute to his country’s national or club team program.

All players that participate on A ISN Development Team will receive an evaluation from their position coach and the opportunity to practice and compete with the best players in the world, as well as staying in touch with their football coaches and the ISN strength and conditioning coach to be evaluated and followed year round.

The ISN Development Teams is also an opportunity for more IFAF members to be involved in the program if they choose. The staff will strive to select at least one player from all IFAF member countries so that the players can bring to their own countries the experience and knowledge obtained in the camp. In a span of six days international players will have the chance of practicing twice daily through practices designed to develop their football skills at the same time they are evaluated by means of sophisticated performance sessions conducted by the ISN staff and other coaches.

Positions Available in 2018/19

Athletic Trainers (Up to 4) – International athletic trainers will look after the players during the 2018 ISN Development Teams Camp. Equipment Assistants (3) – Responsible for assisting the equipment manager throughout Camp.

Video Coordinators (4) – Responsible for providing video services during ISN Development Teams practices. Observer Coach Program At the same time the ISN Development Teams holds its practices, ISN offers the possibility of inviting coaches to be part of the ISN Development Teams experience.

Participant coaches in this program will be accompanying the coaching staff of the ISN Development Teams Camp during all their activities. Key Training Opportunities ISN will arrange a coaching clinic for the ISN Coaches who travel over. The Coaching Clinic will feature College Coaches and top high school coaches from the United States. ISN will arrange for football development talks for ISN players and coaches. These talks will serve to educate players and generally they are given by a football expert.  ISN will arrange a TOP STAFF to work with the ISN players and coaches during their time in the United States. Nomination Process Nominations are now open for observer coaches, athletes and staff. IFAF member federations wishing to nominate coaches, athletes and staff must submit by email a nomination letter from a coach for athletes and/or support staff Submit coaching résumé, personal statement from nominated coach and recommendation letter from national federation for all coaches nominated.

Financial Considerations

ISN Development Teams participants must pay a program fee to participate.

The program fee is used to offset expenses and provide the players, observer coaches and support staff with a world class experience during the classic.

It should be noted that ISN will cover those aforementioned expenses from the day the event begins (not before) till the event ends (not later).

ISN Development Team Players

$350 USD program fee. ($2,000 cheaper than other programs) Round Trip flight paid for by participant.

Support Staff and Observer Coaches

$300 USD program fee. ($2,000 cheaper than other programs) Round Trip flight paid for by participant.

This fee will cover all of the expenses while in the event location including housing, meals, ground transportation and apparel. ISN will be responsible for all the participants from the moment they arrive in the event’s location airport the first day of the event until they are taken back to the airport the day the event ends, as these dates are stated in the pertained documentation.

It is important to note that ISN will arrange ground transportation from the nearest airport to the game location. ISN cannot guarantee arranging transportation from other airports, train or bus stations, and outside of the dates the program will take place.