Butch Davis & His Florida Connections 

Butch Davis’ ties to south Florida were a big selling point for FIU, but they’re not all in the conventional way.
Davis hasn’t coached since 2010, and he hasn’t coached in Florida since 2000. A lot of the local high school coaches have moved on. But they’ve been replaced by some who may have worked with Davis in different ways.
“Obviously there’s a lot of guys in south Florida that were head coaches when I was here until 2000 and have either moved or become athletic directors,” Davis said on Open Mike radio in Orlando. “The unique thing about it is there’s probably 15-20 of the kids that played for me at Miami that are now either head coaches or coordinators at schools in south Florida. That’s a big part of it. You try to plug into those.”
There are also young coaches who have moved up.
“Even in the first couple weeks as we started calling kids across the state, you’re speaking to guys that say, ‘Coach, I came to your coaching clinic back at Miami and really enjoyed that,’” Davis said. “There’s a significant amount of coaches in the state of Florida that love the idea of being able to have their kids stay at home, stay in Florida and not have to go someplace outside the state.
“If we build the kind of program we want to try to build here, we’re going to be a really viable option for a lot of kids to stay at home and play on great teams.”
Davis built Miami back into a national contender from 1995-2000, but he left for the Cleveland Browns, and Larry Coker won the 2001 national title with perhaps the most talented team in college football history. Davis lasted four years with the Browns. Does he regret leaving?
“In retrospect looking back, maybe it was a career decision that I should have stayed at Miami. But the situation never presented itself,” Davis said. “We tried to work out the contract, tried to stay at Miami. Probably a week or so before Signing Day, it just wasn’t going to work out.
“Going to the Browns, I learned a ton. Recreating and building a program and doing some of the things we did at Miami when we lost 31 scholarships, you’ve got to think outside the box, going to the Browns as an expansion franchise, and two years later, we’re in the playoffs. That part was positive. You can never see in the future.”
Davis’ hiring was part of a big month for the state of Florida, with Lane Kiffin (FAU) and Charlie Strong (USF) also becoming head coaches in the state. Add the Big 3 schools and UCF, and recruiting in Florida will go up a notch.
But Davis downplayed a huge change, saying it’s always been that way.
“When I came back in 1995, Bobby Bowden was at Florida State, Steve Spurrier was at Florida, Jim Leavitt came and did a great job at South Florida, George O’Leary did an outstanding job at UCF, FAU didn’t even exist,” Davis said. “Then you’re dealing with the out-of-state coaches.
“One thing that gives us an opportunity is that last year, there were over 430 kids sign Division I scholarships out of the state of Florida. We just need to get the best 25 that fit our program. Our focus will be exclusively in this area, from Tampa, Orlando, space coast. We’ll cherry-pick outside the state for a few kids, but the lion’s share will give their family a chance to be involved and be here every single Saturday.”


The Reason HS & Club Coaches Matter!! 

Nick Saban railed that football was the only sport left where the high school and club coach still matters and he wanted to keep it that way in the face of satellite camps. Meyer’s message to campers: It’s fine to do camps and get exposure, but what matters most is what you do in high school and what your coach says about you.
“Why don’t you bust your ass for your high school team? Why don’t you become captain?” Meyer said in a video posted by Bucknuts 247. “I’m involved in all this recruiting. ‘Do I have to go to this camp?’ No. I’ve got a better idea. Go become your high school coach’s best player, so when our staff goes to the high school, guess what the high school coach tells us? The same thing I said (to the NFL) about Zeke Elliott, about Bosa, Eli Apple, Taylor Decker, Darron Lee, Vonn Bell, Mike Thomas, Braxton Miller: ‘Take them. They’re the real deal. They’re teachers’ players. You can count on them.’
“For some reason, this recruiting thing is blowing up. ‘I have to go to this 7-on-7, do this, do this.’ I’ve got a better idea. Go become a great high school football player on your team. When (we) walk in that high school, guess what that high school coach says? ‘Take him.’ You know what we do at Ohio State when he says that? We usually take him. I don’t care what you do at those other camps. I want to hear your high school coach say, ‘Take him.’ If I have relationship with that high school coach like I do with these NFL coaches, guess what happens? We take him.
“Don’t worry about (all the camps). That’s all fun stuff, that’s great. But that’s not why Ohio State recruits you. I can speak for the majority of my friends that coach football. That means nothing. What means something is the recommendation of the high school football coach. Go become a captain. If you’re a captain of your high school team and you’re talented enough, you’ve got a great chance of being here. If you’re very talented and you’re not a captain, I’m going to find out why, because something’s not right.”
Camps are opportunities for coaches to get a direct look at a player. Satellite camps or not, every coach values the on-campus camp.
But Meyer had the same message for parents who ask about the exponential increase in camps.
“I have parents ask all the time, ‘Should I send him to that camp?’ Sure, if you have 80 bucks to blow, go ahead,” Meyer said. “Here’s where you start: Go make your high school coach so proud of you that he’s going to tell the college coach, ‘Take him.’ How cool is that? It’s real simple. Don’t complicate things. 

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After a week of talks and waiting for doors to open ISN has yet 2 more schools looking to use it’s student placement service to find European student athletes looking to study in America. Building a close relationship with the Armed & Dangerous organization, we were personally recommend and now have the task of helping this program find quality students! Both Schools are high schools and are located in western America! Both require tuition fees and possibly host family fees! For all student athletes interested, please contact us TODAY!! intscoutingnetwork@hotmail.com


For being here living out one of my dreams,I have to thank ISN international student placement services. Without them it wouldn’t be possible. They linked me and my parents up with the schools administration office. The First week was very rough everything was faster and the heat …. Man oh man it had me feeling exhausted. It was a huge change for me. Especially because I had Jetlag from the long flight. However I steped up Day by day, proving to myself and coaches I belonged here. After camp week school started. It was different at first because I wasnt used to all the english. But now i’m fine I’m have a 3.4 GPA and school couldn’t be anymore exciting! The season was awesome we played as one,but we really growed together as a team during the playoffs. Unfortunally we didnt reach our goal at a state championship but this season was a great experience and we’ll be back. Stronger and Faster! 

With the recruiting so far it’s going pretty good. I’ve gotten interest from Washington, BYU, Utah state, Boise State and USC they all have contacted me. My goal for next season is pretty much the Same of this season. I just want to get better, dominate and help Aquinas to a state championship.

Munich Cowboys inks A New OC for 2017 GFL Season 

Spencer Wood’s new offensive coordinatorSpencer Wood will be Offensive Coordinator of the Munich Cowboys Another important position was occupied by the Munich Cowboys. Spencer Wood will coach the Munich Cowboys’ attack in 2017 as an offensive coordinator. The 24-year-old American has worked as a Special Teams Coordinator and Wide Receiver Coach at Santa Barbara City College, California, 
Wood has already gained international experience. As a quarterback and offensive coordinator, he joined the Plock Mustangs in Poland. He later worked as an offensive coordinator for the Carinthian Lions in Klagenfurt. 

ISN Spotlight: Jasper Friis Newcomer to AquinasHS of San Bernardino (CA)

Jasper Friis arrived in San Bernardino less then 24hrs ago, and jumped right into practice today and did great coaches said! He’s picking things up just fine. As a European prospect Jasper has already been rated a 3⭐️ and now playing weekly against American talent we are sure to see that rating go up! Jasper just finished up his season in Germany with the Fursty Razorbacks, one of Southern Deutschland’s Top Junior programs, he’s was also a valuable member of the Bavaria Warriors All star team.

Jasper has a bright future and nothing but oppurtunites in front of him, being C/O 2018 gives him 2 season of eligibility at AHS not to mention playing in the CIF which is one of California’s most known conferences. He’s right in the backyard’s of USC,UCLA, and CAL just to name a few. And if these programs alongside every other program within 200 mile don’t have a recruiter in San Bernardino at an Aquinas game something is wrong. This team is loaded with talent! Join Jasper and the Aquinas Falcons this season for some exciting football action! Answer the call! 
3.5⭐️🇩🇪OL Jasper Friis 6’7 300 18’San Bernardino(CA)Munich(DE)📍Great size📍Explosive📍Finishes 


The Telfs Patriots Will Power ISN’s Tirol Combine (American Recruiters Now Have A Constant Eye In Europe)

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ISN Spotlight:C.J Coldon of Althoff Catholic HS in Illinois 

C.J. Coldon

C.J. Coldon, the 6 foot 170-pound Wide Receiver and Cornerback was the only two-way starter on last year’s 13-1 Althoff Catholic (IL) class 4A state runner up team, and with good reason, he’s a playmaker. Coldon has received offers from Division I schools such as Miami (Ohio) Wyoming, as well as FCS schools like North Dakota State University and Northern Iowa University. After what is expected to be a very good senior season, Coldon can be expected to attract numerous other collegiate suitors looking for a player that can line up at either WR or CB going forward. When watching what Coldon brought to the field his junior season, his skillset matched more of that of a CB, in what I believe to be more of a natural fit across multiple different schemes. In the right system however, there is very much the potential for Coldon to play WR at the next level, even Division I. C.J. Coldon is a very good football player that definitely deserves to be playing at the next level, and with the proper coaching and progression could be a special moving forward.

​At WR specifically, Coldon is a physical player who possesses good size and big strong hands that would be especially effective as a possession receiver doing a lot of the dirty work (crossing routes, slants, etc.) in an offense that utilizes a lot of short/intermediate routes. He has the size and strength to be able to withstand hits from the defensive player and sustain yards after the catch. He also displays good route running, as well as an understanding of where the soft spots are in zone coverages. Coldon, also shows the ability to high point the ball, catching it at its highest point, making him an attractive option in the red zone.

​However, when watching Coldon on film, there are many transferable traits that would lead to the belief that his true position is CB at the next level. While there wasn’t a whole lot of him playing CB on tape, what was shown on film was really impressive, in what could be good enough to impress DI schools. With his size (6’0) he would be big enough to match up with the bigger WR’s in college football and exhibits the necessary speed (4.5 40 time) to be effective. He also shows fluid hips and COD skills, mirroring the opposing receiver in man coverage. His ball skills are also very good, displaying very good range and reactionary skills to break on the ball quickly and catch the ball cleanly. He shows good technique in ability to tackle and bring down the ball carrier, as well as a confidence that is significant for the position.

​Overall, C.J. Coldon is an appealing player at either WR or CB for college teams at the collegiate level. He has transferable traits based on what he has shown at the high school level and still has his senior season to see his stock continue to rise. With what is shown in his film, I believe that CB is his natural fit moving forward, as I feel that it fits his skills more effectively. That’s not to say that he can’t play WR in college, as there was plenty of evidence showing the talent that he has at that position as well. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for C.J. Coldon, either at WR or CB, and he undoubtedly has a bright future for whatever college team is lucky enough to have him on their team in the future.  

Source:ISN Scout Connor Rylatt

ISN Spotlight: AquinasHS Joshka Gustav/ Irish Invasion 

California’s AquinasHS Joshka Gustav was 1 of 55 players in the country to be invited to the Fighting Irish Camp this past weekend. 

From California to Indiana the German football stud stated “I had a GREAT time at the Irish invasion. The first half of the day was a campus and facilities tour which was amazing. UND seems like a great place to continue my education and play ball.” 

“Notre Dame players were showing us the campus, the very same guys we all watch on college game day. One of the best experience was the camp being held in the stadium. Not many guys get to step on that field let alone run around balling on it! It was a super experience getting coached by the ND staff, these are the best coaches in the country. My performance was nothing special but I did do well and believe I will stay on the ND radar!” 

We will be following Joshka and the Falcons close this season! Follow ISN for future News on German Stud Joshka Gustav!!

Mexico Dominates Japan!!! 

With a blowup performance by running back Fernando Mejia who scored three touchdowns, Team Mexico blasted Japan 36-3 in Monterrey, Mexico at the World University Championship infront of a crowd of 8,500.
Mejia was unstoppable gaining 223 rushing as Japan’s big front did not have a game to remember. PedroMagallanes added a receiving touchdown for Mexico and backup dual quarterback Max Villarreal scampered 67 yards for the final touchdown.
Mexico piled 529 yards in offense, 422 of it on the ground, as Japan had no answer for the Speedy Gonzalez speed of the Mexicans. Japan’s star running back Nanato Nishimura could only rack up 13 yards rushing against a big time Mexican defense.

Mexico came in with a plan and jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back. After finally getting things rolling Japan managed to get in range for a field goal in the second quarter and kicker Kenichi Otsuka made good on it from 38 yards out to in the half 14-3.
Mexico showed no mercy in the third quarter as quarterback Francisco Mata kept the O on the gas! 

Meija scored his third of the night in the fourth quarter before Villarreal topped off the scoring for Mexico. 
Mexico will face Team USA on Saturday June 11