Slow Start With A Strong Finish!


This past Saturday the Potsdam Royals hosted the Paderborn Dolphins. The game got off to a very slow start for both teams, until Dolphins kicker D.Groene banged one from 47 yards out for the first points. Royals fans started getting nervous in the second quarter when Dolphins quarterback Z.Cavanaugh connected with Groene for a 47 yard strike through the air to go up 10-0. The Royals finally responded when quarterback J.Frias scored from 6 yards out for the first points of the game. 10-7 PD. Before the half Dolphins quarterback B.Smith wanted more and that he got as he hit running back P.Gamble for a 12 yard score. 17-7. At the start of the 3rd scoring stared with Potsdam R.Smith hauling in one from J.Frias from 6 yards out. 17-14. B.Smith would find the end zone one more time this game for the Dolphins, as Royals Frias and Smith went out with a bang connecting on 2 bombs 2 different times for scores. 95yard strike & 78yards. 

Potsdam 27- Paderborn 23


This weeks GFL Predictions 


In what many have marked as the game of the week David McCants and the New Yorker Lions  will take on the Kiel Hurricanes. The Canes are coming off a big preseason win but we don’t think that was the win needed to give them the edge this week over the Lions 2014 GFL Champs! 

New Yorker Lions +14 over Kiel Hurricanes 

The Stuttgart Scorpions was last drugged through the mud by the Swarco Raiders of Austria in the battle of Triol, but recovered by beating up on the Wildcats of the GFL2. Their opponents the Cowboys of Munich who’s made some changes. With things seeming trade like the Cowboys who signed a few from Kiel has been in the shadows this preseason and could come out flat. 

Stuttgart Scorpions +10 over Munich Cowboys 

Paderborn Dolphins +12 over Potsdamn Royals 

After a horrific start the Nuremberg Rams hope to rebound from the Frankfurt beat down. The Rams haven’t started without a win in 2 years , hopefully Springer can get it done against a strong Wiesbaden Phantoms team. The Phantoms offense is explosive and will cause big problems for the Rams backend. 

Wiesbaden Phantoms +20 over Nuremberg Rams

Ingolstadt Dukes +9 over Munich Rangers 

Battle 4 Tirol 2


The second game for the BATTLE4TIROL played out in front of 3,272 spectators at the Innsbruck Tivoli Stadium. The best player for the Raiders via Twitter votes was #GameMVP – wide receiver Kyle Callahan . He caught three balls for 75 yards and two touchdowns. The Panthers top player was quarterback  Manuel EngelmannBoth players received a side of bacon Tyrolean company Ager bacon. In addition, from the car park of Innsbruck Callahan gets a week in the new Ford Ranger.

Quarterback Sean Shelton was 21 of 32 passes for 247 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.  He had also seven passes for 40 yards and a touchdown. Running back David Oku scored 110 yards with four runs. The defense allowed the Panthers only 198 yards. Defensive Back Achammer Alexander scored with a 91-yard fumble return touchdown the first points of the game. Defensive Back Talib Wise caught an interception. Defensive lineman Maximilian Wild had a sack. Linebacker Wendell Brown led the Tyrolean with 13 tackles (12 solo).

Swarco Raiders got the ball after the coin toss. After the kickoff of the Raiders offensive began on their own 19-yard line. When you first turn Shelton found wide receiver Christian Willi for four yards. Then began wide receiver Adrian Platzgummer an 8-yarder. Later Willi caught a pass at the 45-yard line of the Tyrol. But just behind the center line of the guests were given after a failed fourth down the ball at their 46-yard line. After a fine quarterback made ​​Manuel Engelmann walk ten yards back good. But during the subsequent third attempt it stopped linebacker Wendell Brown . Dusseldorf had to punt.

The Tyrolean took over at their own 8-yard line. Running back Andre Fabien gardenermade ​​the first move seven yards. Then Willi caught a 12-yard pass. Then threw Shelton26 yards to gardeners . But again failed the hosts in a fourth attempt. The Panthers took over at their 43-yard line. On the second turn, took Engelmann wide receiver Yannick Baumgärtner for 39 yards. Shortly afterwards lost running back Aaron Price of the ball and Achammer returned the fumble 91 yards for a touchdown. After the extra point by wide receiver / kicker Fabian Abfaltersbach the Raiders led Swarco 2:21 left in the first quarter with 7: 0 .

After the kickoff and a short return Dusseldorf started at their own 17-yard line. Runs of running back Martin Oliver and Price took a first down. But a little later the Panthers had to punt. The pressure, however, was so great that the punter at their own 23-yard line of defensive back Mark Krause was brought to the floor. From there began the Tyrolean attack with a 17-yard run by Oku . Then threw Shelton six yards on Callahan , who acrobatically caught the ball in the end zone. After Abfalters extra point was 10:57 left in the second quarter 14: 0 .

After a return of wide receiver Janik Lück Dusseldorf started at their own 28-yard line. However, after only three moves had to punt the Panthers. After a short return of OkuSwarco the Raiders were now turn again. They started at their own 36-yard line. Runs of Shelton took ten yards and 13 yards. Then ran Oku 17 yards. After two short passes on Oku the Tyrolean the fourth attempt played successfully: Shelton gave the ball to gardeners, who ran 18 yards for a touchdown. After the extra point it was 5:45 left in the second quarter 21: 0 .

The next Panther drive ended again with a quick punt. Swarco Raiders took over at their own 29-yard line. gardeners began with a 6-yard run. Shortly afterwards threw Sheltonfirst time deep and found Callahan for a 61-yard touchdown pass. Abfalters extra point increased 2:13 minutes before half-time to 28: 0 .

Dusseldorf took over after the kickoff at their own 19-yard line. A 15-yard pass from Engelmann on Baumgärtner brought a first down. Shortly thereafter, was Wise on the spot. He caught a pass from Engelmann from and returned the ball to the opponent’s 20-yard line. 

Second period began with possession Dusseldorf. The guests started at their own 35-yard line after the kickoff was flown to the side corner. On the third try slumped Wild Engelmann and forced a punt. From their own 35-yard line of the Tyrolean marched on their first series of the third quarter. A pass from Shelton to Willi brought ten yards. Then began Oku passes for seven yards and ten yards. Then began Defensive Back Till Jansen but a pass from Shelton from the 33-yard line of the Panther. But was again on the defensive on the spot and forced a punt.

Swarco Raiders started at their own 18-yard line to. Oku opened the drive with a 73-yard run. Subsequently, danced Shelton nine yards into the end zone. Abfalters extra point marked the 35: 0 for the Tyrolean. There were 5:36 minutes to complete in the third section.

After a kick to the side from Dusseldorf started at their own 35-yard line. Price opened the drive with a 12-yard run. Later ran Engelmann only nine yards and then 26 yards. Afterwards, Price fueled up at the 13-yard line before the Tyrolean. Then there was the chance of the first points. But defensive back / kicker Philip Kalisch wide from 35 yards.

Swarco Raiders took over at their own then 20 yard line. Shelton was Abfaltersbach for 10 yards and wide receiver Gregory Hofmann for a first down at the 44-yard line. Then began Abfaltersbach a 28-yard pass. A little later, running back scored Filip Vlajic a 4-yard touchdown run. Abfaltersbach marked the extra point and 8:44 minutes before the end of the encounter was it 42: 0 .




Scorpions Satisfied After A 34:9 Loss 


In front of a crowd of about 3,200, the Stuttgart Scorpions traveled this past weekend to Innsbruck Tivoli Stadium to play against the Raiders Swarco for the first preseason game of the year. At the end the Scorpions took a 09: 34-defeat to the book, but all in all felt a successful overall impression. With the Tirol snowfall, and supported by about 50 crazy fans, the team of head coach Jemil Hamiko showed a very good performance and held the Raiders the first three quarters equal.

The Raiders made the first points of the day: Running back David Oku  seven minutes in the first quarter running three yards for the 06: 00-lead. However, the response of Stuttgart was not long, only about a minute later shortened Pascal Flöser with a field goal from 29 yards at 6:03. That Flöser on this day was one of those who stuck it out and showed a strong collective for the Scorpions; so he latched on to about 60 yards, which meant an average of over five yards per run, and was elected at the end deservedly  MVP on the part of the Scorpions. Also with a good day with two quarterbacks sacks, Sean Shelton on the part of the Raiders, and Tom Schneider of the Scorpions. This showed that he still is very dependable and needed despite a very long break after a serious injury in 2013.

Points wouldn’t  fall no more until halftime, both defensive teams had things under control. So it was finally from the special teams, which served the next points: David Oku took a punt return for about 44 yards down to the end zone before Fabian Abfaltersbach extra point made the new score 13 : 03. A little later, still about five minutes to play in the third , Schneider scored his first touchdown pass of the day: Lasse Ahlgrimm caught this and from then on it was 13:09. Just before the last page change operated by Kyle Callahan the score was 20:09 (PAT Abfaltersbach) for the Raiders.

In the last quarter were the forces of the Scorpions, not surprising after preparation workload in recent weeks, finally, after the Raiders and thus ensured even for the final score of 34:09 touchdowns by Callahan (by-pass of Shelton, PAT Abfaltersbach) and Shelton (by Running, PAT Abfaltersbach).

The only downer is that defense Jermaine Guynn retire through injury and had to be hospitalized before the place, but it is able to intervene in a few weeks active again into the action. And nevertheless, the conclusion is the camp of the Scorpions completely positive, due to the performance shown, but also thanks to the excellent organization of the Raiders. Correspondingly, Head Coach Hamiko commented after the game: “I can be very happy today and I am sure that everyone present has seen that we can compete with an opponent of this caliber today with my team’s performance. For the April 18, beginning in the GFL we should be well prepared. “



The Battle 4 Tirol!!! 


Like football? If so then on Easter Sunday  you will love the SWARCO RAIDERS schedule. The sister-team of The Oakland Raiders plays two games this weekend. On Saturday the Raiders  go on the road to face the Danube Dragons in the Austrian Football League (AFL). Kickoff is at 6:00 a.m. PT (3:00 p.m. CET). On Easter Sunday the SWARCO RAIDERS host the Stuttgart Scorpions in the first of four BATTLE4TIROL matchups. Kickoff is at 9:00 a.m. PT (6:00 p.m. CET).

All BATTLE4TIROL games can be watched live on raidersTV. Coverage starts on Saturday at 8:45 a.m. PT on

“This will be a very challenging weekend for us”, knows SWARCO RAIDERS head coach Shuan Fatah. “We a thrilled to play those two games. First we want to show the Dragons what we’re really made of. Then we’re excited to play Stuttgart.”

While the SWARCO RAIDERS will rely heavily on their national players on Saturday, Sunday is the time for the imports to finally show their skills. The goal on both occasions is the same though: win the game.

First of is the game against the Dragons. They finished the 2014 season with a 4-4 record before losing 34-0 in the semifinals to the SWARCO RAIDERS. To close the gap to the league’s better teams the Dragons start from scratch – at least on offense.

Only two starters from last season remain. The team is led by QB Alex Good, who played for Graz in 2013. On defense head coach Ivan Zivko believes in the group he coached last season.

The SWARCO RAIDERS started the season with a 26-21 loss at the Vienna Vikings. The Tyroleans had a hard time replacing players such as QB John van den Raadt, RB Andreas Hofbauer, WR Julian Ebner, WR Damaso Tarneller, RB Lukas Miribung, DB Arno Andreas and DL Manuel Jovic.

The SWARCO RAIDERS and the Dragons played each other 18 times. 16 times the Tyroleans won. They also won nine games in a row against the team from Vienna. The only two losses happened in 2010.

Since 2011 the Tyroleans scored an average of 34.8 points per game and allowed only 11 points per contest against the Dragons. Only one of the 16 victories was a single-digit win (35-27 in 2012).

On Sunday the Tyroleans play against Stuttgart. It is the very first matchup between these two. The Scorpions play in the German Football League. They finished the 2014 season tied for first place in the GFL South Division. Scorpions head coach Jemil Hamiko is excited to play the SWARCO RAIDERS in their season-opener: “Our goal is to be one of the top teams in Germany and in Europe. What better way to get their than to play one of the best teams in Europe”.


#25 David Oku (Running Back, SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol): David Oku played for Arkansas State from 2011-2013. In two seasons he had 385 rushes for 1,572 yards and 22 touchdowns. He also caught 37 passes for 273 yards and a touchdown. In 2011 he redshirted after transferring from Tennessee. From 2009-2010 Oku gained 268 yards on 65 carries. He also scored 3 touchdowns and caught 9 passes for 92 yards. He had 49 kickoff returns for 1,175 yards.

#4 Talib Wise (Defensive Back, SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol): From 2011-2013 Talib Wise played for the SWARCO RAIDERS. In 2014 he went back to the team he played for in 2010; the Berlin Adler. Last season Wise played in nine GFL games and had 33 rushes for 238 yards and 3 touchdowns. He caught 35 passes for 356 yards and 4 touchdowns, 5 punt returns for 46 yards, 6 kickoff returns for 118 yards and 4 tackles (one solo) with one tackle for loss.

#83 Christian Willi (Wide Receiver, SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol): In the 2015 season opener Christian Willi led the SWARCO RAIDERS with 5 catches for 70 yards and a touchdown. Last season he had 16 catches for 164 yards.


Gessel returns to Germany to Lead the Jets

For the upcoming season, the Troisdorf Regional Jets can look forward to the aid of a US-American. With Brian Gessel the Troisdorfer Footballer have found an experienced coach for the youth field, which is also acting as a quarterback at the Seniors.

A native of Southern California Gessel has already gained plenty of experience in Europe. He stood as the Bolzano Giants (Italy), the Badalona Dracs (Spain) and the Clermont Ferrant servals (France) with his football knowledge. In France, lives with his life companion, from which he came directly from a few days ago. “Of course, we followed  up with our inquiries about Brian before and since a few irritating things came to light,” says Jets Club President Eric groats Bach , “In his two previous guest appearances in Germany he was apparently not very lucky.” The Lübeck Seals and the Kirchdorf Wildcats have already sent Gessel after a few games back home. It was a bad attitude to the team and a lack of integration of the question. “I have a long talk with him about it and he told me his view of things. As always there are two sides of the same coin, “says Bach groats. “Brian wanted to coach again in Germany and play, he has experience, talent and is in top shape physically. Why should we not give him a fair chance? ” The 30-year-old American has already completed the first training sessions with his new Jets team and becomes familiar with their game systems. Shortly after his arrival in Germany he was allowed to get to know his bodyguards for the upcoming season. The offensive line was called the Jets Brian Gessel in his new team with a dinner welcome. His first official football forward Gessel has with the U19 of the jets that hit on March 21 on this day in preparation in Solingen on the Steelers , Self is the new quarterback on 28 March 2015 to the field. Then the Troisdorf Jets meet in their first preseason game on the Mönchengladbach Wolfpack (KO 18 clock, Agger stadium). A second preseason game follows on Easter Sunday in Montabaur against the Fighting Farmers before mid-April starts the Regional season.

Chatman to be a big addition for the Rangers in 2015

Next Rangers newcomer is Joseph Chatman. Joe is a versatile player who is together with Markus Gärtner and the Rangers a strong offensive. He will also set the tone in the defense and special teams.

Joe began his college football career at Fullerton Junior College in California, where he latched on to running back. Joe had 1,572 yards in only 10 games and scored 16 touchdowns. At Midwestern State University in Division II, he continued his college career and subsequently received an invitation to the NFL Regional Combine.

In 2011 he moved to Germany in the GFL 2 to the Kirchdorf Wildcats, where he added nearly 900 yards in just 7 games. The following year he showed his skills on the other side of the ball. As safety and cornerback he provided for the Munich Cowboys 8 tackles and 290 all purpose yards in 2012. In 2013, he focused on his strengths as a running back for the Starnberg Argonauts in the GFL 2 and 2014 in the Regionalliga Süd.

“Joe gives our offense many options and will make it hard to figure us out,” said offensive coordinator Julian Saisset-Roche. 

Source: Munich Rangers 

2014 GFL Champs has a dangerous backfield set up for 2015! 

New York Lions again this season is projected to have the strongest backfield in the GFL and possibly Europe. American David McCants will be the main ball carrier, with 1,209 yards in 2014 David was among the best ball carriers in the GFL while sharing carries. 

The 27 year-old, 1.73 meters wide and 87 kg speedy McCants, last season was one of the main players in the attack of the Brunswick Head Coach 

Troy Tomlin. With his 1209 Yards on 149 carries with 19 touchdowns and 320 yards from pass catches, he was the best guarantee for the offensive attack of the New Yorker Lions in 2014. David also added 710 yards and a touchdown from returns.
Also joining in the backfield of the attack of the New York Lions are Jabari Johnson, Lukasz Omelanczuk, Patrick Papke, Maximilian Merwarth, Philip Hempelmann and newcomer Chris Smith. 
Returning to his old position of running backs is Jabari Johnson. 
For many years, the 35-year-old Jabari Johnson  has been a reliable player on the team of the lions. 
Whether as a running back on the Defense are special teams. 
Where “JJ” is used by the team he plays. 
It continues here with the 27-year-old Polish international Lukasz Omelanzcuk. 
The 1.84 m wide and 100-pound powerhouse is both a running back and fullback and tight end, with very good blocking ability. Lukasz come’s from the Polish top league team, the Giants Wrocław. 
Since 2010, 25-year-old Philip Hempel has been well known by lions fans. Phil played  last season as a defensive back for the Lions. By the end of the 2014 season he changed to running back in the attack and was mainly used as a fullback. 
New to ranks of the running attack in 2014, the 25-year-old Patrick Papke of the Darmstadt Diamonds. 
The 1 80 m wide and 98 kg round from riser in the GFL 2 recommended himself for the team the New York Lions on the try-out of the lion city dwellers in December-2013. 
Also last year, the New Yorker Lions gained Maximilian Merwarth. Previously, he was active for the Stuttgart Scorpions in the GFL South. Merwarth is mainly used in the attack of the Lions fullback. He can also play tight end or Offense Line. 
New Addition to the ball carriers of the New York Lions is a native of the neighboring country of the Netherlands Chris Smith. 

The 23-year-old aspiring sports teacher began at the age of 13 years at the Hague Raiders ’99 with American Football. In 2011 he moved to the highest Dutch league to the Alphen Eagles, three times with whom he won the national title in four seasons. Chris will be a big addition to the Lions backfield, we are looking for big things from him as well as a Lions 2015 Championship!!!