ISN Top Prospect Salieu Ceesay Drawing Big Time Attention! #TrustTheISNProcess 

It’s been over a year now since German quarterback Salieu Ceesay contacted ISN & Coach Jonas about their student placement service and helping him achieve a dream of playing high school football in America. Coach Jonas followed his normal routine as he does for all ISN clients, he asked Salieu to send in his football bio!. Coach evaluated the film of the young QB and fell in love with his athletic ability. This young man was classified as someone special and coach Jonas accepted him in to the #ISNFamily and got to work. After being ranked and rated by ISN as a 4⭐️ QB many American coaches took notice. After talking with a few different schools coach Jonas found the perfect match for Salieu. A safe family atmosphere is something he was looking for and we found that in Aquinas and their staff.  After gathering all the information Salieu would need to attend school in America we started the process. Many think the process is simple and easy but their wrong, it’s much more to it and you must have the mind for such a process. Salieu helped Aquinas this year as a junior at many positions like QB 64-111 1146PY 16TD 2INT,WR, and DB 13tackles and 2INTs and went to the Semifinals with a 11-3 overall record and 4-1 in conference play in his first American season! Salieu also pulled in league achievements on top of becoming a big time D1 prospect, gaining interest from colleges like USC, Fresno St, Utah St,and USF to name a few. He’s spending his offseason working with Steve Calhoun of Armed and Dangerous which is seen as one of America’s best QB instructors. Salieu will draw lots of more attention from big time colleges heading into next season. He’s also drawing tons of attention from all types of different outlets looking to possibly cash in on his success. Salieu has been and will remain apart of the ISN family Coach Jonas stated! 


American Organization giving European Athletes the Exposure & Opportunities They Deserve! 

The International Scouting Network selection process Is a two-fold process. The first part of the process is trying to attract the best athlete you possibly can. But it isn’t just an athletic evaluation. Some research is done with coaches and others with observations. You also have to gather info on the character of the kid. Every coach has to write a recommendation for the kid. It’s as much on character as it is talent. If you found someone with great talent but not personal attributes, they would not be selected for this game. You have to pass the character test.

We use all that are at our disposal. Mostly we do the evaluation ourselves by watching the tape. We’re one in the same. My staff that compiles all our player rankings is also the staff that selects the roster. Our group is the one that created this, so it only makes sense that this happened. It wasn’t that we were doing recruiting and then we branched into this. It’s almost like our people are working two jobs at one time and one plays into the other. We would love to work with more organizations in Europe like the Wien Vikings & Hamburg Young Huskies.We have tried to consult with other ranking services like (, 247 Sports, Scout, ESPN, European Elite, Gridiron America, and other European services)? Why don’t we use are work closely with these organizations? Well we have tried numerous times and for the most part the UA and the Army All American games have a process and that’s understandable. We asked both organizations about getting our European prospects in those games and the first questions asked was can ISN deliver 200 athletes that can pay 120€ and then they have a chance!!! And we told them ISN can fill camps but refuse to charge 120€ per athlete and there’s nothing in it for them but a T Shirt! We know for a fact these organizations will not select European players to come participate in these All American games so that’s why TeamISN was formed. Now European players have their own All Star team. TeamISN EUROPE will compete annually against American High Schools and possibly other All Star teams. At the moment Clearwater Knights and the RICC Knights have show interest in the event and Clearwater will host the event in Florida this 2017/18! For all players,coaches,recruiters,vendors, and potential sponsors interested in being involved in this event please contact ISN staff @


For being here living out one of my dreams,I have to thank ISN international student placement services. Without them it wouldn’t be possible. They linked me and my parents up with the schools administration office. The First week was very rough everything was faster and the heat …. Man oh man it had me feeling exhausted. It was a huge change for me. Especially because I had Jetlag from the long flight. However I steped up Day by day, proving to myself and coaches I belonged here. After camp week school started. It was different at first because I wasnt used to all the english. But now i’m fine I’m have a 3.4 GPA and school couldn’t be anymore exciting! The season was awesome we played as one,but we really growed together as a team during the playoffs. Unfortunally we didnt reach our goal at a state championship but this season was a great experience and we’ll be back. Stronger and Faster! 

With the recruiting so far it’s going pretty good. I’ve gotten interest from Washington, BYU, Utah state, Boise State and USC they all have contacted me. My goal for next season is pretty much the Same of this season. I just want to get better, dominate and help Aquinas to a state championship.

ISN Spotlight: Jasper Friis Newcomer to AquinasHS of San Bernardino (CA)

Jasper Friis arrived in San Bernardino less then 24hrs ago, and jumped right into practice today and did great coaches said! He’s picking things up just fine. As a European prospect Jasper has already been rated a 3⭐️ and now playing weekly against American talent we are sure to see that rating go up! Jasper just finished up his season in Germany with the Fursty Razorbacks, one of Southern Deutschland’s Top Junior programs, he’s was also a valuable member of the Bavaria Warriors All star team.

Jasper has a bright future and nothing but oppurtunites in front of him, being C/O 2018 gives him 2 season of eligibility at AHS not to mention playing in the CIF which is one of California’s most known conferences. He’s right in the backyard’s of USC,UCLA, and CAL just to name a few. And if these programs alongside every other program within 200 mile don’t have a recruiter in San Bernardino at an Aquinas game something is wrong. This team is loaded with talent! Join Jasper and the Aquinas Falcons this season for some exciting football action! Answer the call! 
3.5⭐️🇩🇪OL Jasper Friis 6’7 300 18’San Bernardino(CA)Munich(DE)📍Great size📍Explosive📍Finishes

ISN Spotlight:C.J Coldon of Althoff Catholic HS in Illinois 

C.J. Coldon

C.J. Coldon, the 6 foot 170-pound Wide Receiver and Cornerback was the only two-way starter on last year’s 13-1 Althoff Catholic (IL) class 4A state runner up team, and with good reason, he’s a playmaker. Coldon has received offers from Division I schools such as Miami (Ohio) Wyoming, as well as FCS schools like North Dakota State University and Northern Iowa University. After what is expected to be a very good senior season, Coldon can be expected to attract numerous other collegiate suitors looking for a player that can line up at either WR or CB going forward. When watching what Coldon brought to the field his junior season, his skillset matched more of that of a CB, in what I believe to be more of a natural fit across multiple different schemes. In the right system however, there is very much the potential for Coldon to play WR at the next level, even Division I. C.J. Coldon is a very good football player that definitely deserves to be playing at the next level, and with the proper coaching and progression could be a special moving forward.

​At WR specifically, Coldon is a physical player who possesses good size and big strong hands that would be especially effective as a possession receiver doing a lot of the dirty work (crossing routes, slants, etc.) in an offense that utilizes a lot of short/intermediate routes. He has the size and strength to be able to withstand hits from the defensive player and sustain yards after the catch. He also displays good route running, as well as an understanding of where the soft spots are in zone coverages. Coldon, also shows the ability to high point the ball, catching it at its highest point, making him an attractive option in the red zone.

​However, when watching Coldon on film, there are many transferable traits that would lead to the belief that his true position is CB at the next level. While there wasn’t a whole lot of him playing CB on tape, what was shown on film was really impressive, in what could be good enough to impress DI schools. With his size (6’0) he would be big enough to match up with the bigger WR’s in college football and exhibits the necessary speed (4.5 40 time) to be effective. He also shows fluid hips and COD skills, mirroring the opposing receiver in man coverage. His ball skills are also very good, displaying very good range and reactionary skills to break on the ball quickly and catch the ball cleanly. He shows good technique in ability to tackle and bring down the ball carrier, as well as a confidence that is significant for the position.

​Overall, C.J. Coldon is an appealing player at either WR or CB for college teams at the collegiate level. He has transferable traits based on what he has shown at the high school level and still has his senior season to see his stock continue to rise. With what is shown in his film, I believe that CB is his natural fit moving forward, as I feel that it fits his skills more effectively. That’s not to say that he can’t play WR in college, as there was plenty of evidence showing the talent that he has at that position as well. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for C.J. Coldon, either at WR or CB, and he undoubtedly has a bright future for whatever college team is lucky enough to have him on their team in the future.  

Source:ISN Scout Connor Rylatt

ISN Spotlight: AquinasHS Joshka Gustav/ Irish Invasion 

California’s AquinasHS Joshka Gustav was 1 of 55 players in the country to be invited to the Fighting Irish Camp this past weekend. 

From California to Indiana the German football stud stated “I had a GREAT time at the Irish invasion. The first half of the day was a campus and facilities tour which was amazing. UND seems like a great place to continue my education and play ball.” 

“Notre Dame players were showing us the campus, the very same guys we all watch on college game day. One of the best experience was the camp being held in the stadium. Not many guys get to step on that field let alone run around balling on it! It was a super experience getting coached by the ND staff, these are the best coaches in the country. My performance was nothing special but I did do well and believe I will stay on the ND radar!” 

We will be following Joshka and the Falcons close this season! Follow ISN for future News on German Stud Joshka Gustav!!

ISN Spotlights Nevin Alaka’i Yuen of Moanalua HS in Hawaii 

The off season for Nevin Alaka’i Yuen 6’3 180 Quarterback of Moanalua HS in Hawaii has been nonstop training with his strength and conditioning Coaches. In June Nevin will be attending Hawaiis GPA Camp and also hopefully going to make it out to Cals Camp as well.. Like we said it’s been non stop training.
 Recruiting is okay. Nevin was without a head coach for a good while and lost the momentum during that process. However Moanalua has a new coach now and have just begun the recruiting process. 

Nevin has a offer by a small school, Kentucky Christian University. However in the past 2 wks multiple D1 schools have made contact and is expected to visit his practices next wk..Nevin has recently spoken to Cal, Hawaii, Air Force and San Jose State..He was recently told by a former coach that USC and BYU has expressed interest…


 Nevin told us his deciding factor will be “How the university handles their education and how competitive the football program is. I am in a strong believer in the Lord so whoever I play for will have to understand and value my relationship with God”
Moanalua is looking unbelievable at the moment. We are loaded at skilled positions. I have a young line and not the biggest in size, but they are very strong, with great technique and quick feet. Its going to be a very successful season for us..”(NAY)

Top Prospect Frederik Palmdahl’s Stock Is Rising! 

ISN Top Prospect Frederik Palmdahl of Denmark stock is steady rising. So far this season Frederik and his team has gotten off to a 2-0 start winning their first game of the season 50-0 and last weekend they beat the Razorbacks 44-8 and ISN Big Dog Freddy P whipped up 6 pancakes! Frederik dream is to make it onto a American University roster and that all seems to be falling into place. At the moment Eastern Michigan University holds the top spot for Frederik, there’s a chance he could reconnect with former national team teammate Steven Nielsen.

The best is that Frederik really likes the OL coach stating He seems to be a very friendly and open person that’s straight forward! We hope you stay tuned for more recruiting news on Frederik Palmdahl and other ISN prospects! Frederik ISN wishes you and the guys the best this weekend as you look to make it 14 in a row and move to 3-0 on the season! Interested in Frederik Palmdahl recruiting information please contact us at
5⭐️🇩🇰OL Frederik Palmdahl 6’8 310 17’DanishNT(DEN)📍Great size📍Strong hands&feet📍Finishes blocks📍Powerful..
Source: Coach Jonas 

ISN Development Teams Info

The ISN Development Teams will be comprised of the top players with up to four years of eligibility in the program. The ISN Development Teams are being established at the request of youth players and organizations to provide more players with the opportunity to participate in a National Team/All Star Game environment. As well as a camp to develop their football technique and fundamentals.
In 2016, up to 100 players born in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 will be selected for the ISN Development Teams.

Purpose of the ISN Development Teams
The ISN Development Teams are designed to offer the best U19 players from around the world a Game and Training Camp in which they will develop their technique, fundamentals and football skills. All the emphasis of the camp will be on the development of the assisting athletes to be the best football players they can be. Players are given an opportunity to be instructed by some of the world’s top USA coaches with ample experience. Among the objectives of the camp is to develop into a player that can contribute to his country’s national or club team program.
All players that participate on A ISN Development Team will receive an evaluation from their position coach and the opportunity to practice and compete with the best players in the world, as well as staying in touch with their football coaches and the ISN strength and conditioning coach to be evaluated and followed year round.
The ISN Development Teams is also an opportunity for more IFAF members to be involved in the program. The coaching staff will strive to select at least one player from all IFAF member countries that nominate eligible players so that the players can bring to their own countries the experience and knowledge obtained in the camp. In a span of six days international players will have the chance of practicing twice daily through practices designed to develop their football skills at the same time they are evaluated by means of sophisticated performance sessions conducted by the ISN staff.

South Carolina junior squats absurd amount of weight


Jhabias Johnson might have more college options than he originally thought.

The 5-foot-9, 338-pound junior center and nose guard for Bluffton (S.C.) announced on Twitter in January that he had committed to Butler Community College.

On Saturday he reportedly broke the South Carolina state squat record by lifting a remarkable 755 pounds at the state’s strength meet. That kind of number attracts college recruiters, like the Oregon Ducks, his favorite college team. For a point of reference, a smart car weighs about 1,500 pounds.

According to this question-and-answer with Johnson in Bluffton Today, Johnson had 28 solo tackles in 2015 after recording 15 tackles in four games as a sophomore. He told the publication that he also plays backup quarterback. Well, at least on one play.

“It was in the first quarter (of a game),” he said. “We needed a first down so they put me in at quarterback and we ran it.”

He got the first down. As a ninth-grader, he scored a touchdown from the quarterback spot. Since then, he’s focused on life in the trenches and working his lower body. Before Saturday, he squatted what was believed to be a state mark of 715 pounds. He increased that total by 40 pounds.

He said running and a strenuous leg workout on Mondays from coach Tommy Adams is why he can lift so much.

“Never skip leg day,” he told the newspaper. “Love Mondays.”

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