Questions 4 Choosing A College 

Not every question will apply to every athlete and every situation, but some bullet points to share with your players when going through the process of choosing a college.
Here are some other things for the recruited student-athlete to consider:
Eliminate from consideration any school that encourages you to cancel other visits. They are afraid of comparisons!

Be skeptical of coaches or recruiters who criticize other college programs. Their program probably doesn’t measure up.

Do not choose a school because you are impressed with the recruiter.

Finally, You Choose the College! Take into consideration advice from friends, relatives, and others. But, make the college decisions that is best for you and then make it the best decisions by working hard to successful as a student, as an athlete and as a person!

I. Education – Academics
What is the national academic reputation of the school?

What is the national reputation of my major at this school?

What is the student teacher/ratio in my major?

What is the accreditation rating in my major?

What is the degree of difficulty of school generally? of your major specifically.

Do coaches emphasize academics? 

What is the graduation rate of scholarship athletes?

Is there an academic plan for athletes?

Academic Advisor and Academic Counseling

Preferred scheduling

Tutoring program

Study table (ask for an explanation)

Library and Study Areas

Required class attendance

Is summer school education part of the scholarship offer?

Is a 5th year available if necessary to complete my degree?

II. Head Coach – Assistant Coaches
What is the national reputation of the Head Coach?

What is the national reputation of the coaching staff?

What kind of reputation has the recruiter developed with your Senior High School?

Do the coaches treat players as people?

Do the coaches treat players as students?

What is the philosophy towards handling basketball players?

Will the coaching staff help me plan for my future?

Job opportunities, including summer work (ask for explanation)

Future placement


Type/Character of head coach and position coach

III. The Athletic Scholarship (also called an Athletic Grant-in-Aid)
Will I be offered a scholarship during my visit?

What does the scholarship cover?

What is it worth in dollars and cents?

How much will I have to pay myself?

Ask for an explanation of the “National Letter of Intent.”

Ask about a conference or league letter of intent.

IV. The College
Where is it located? ( inner city, rural, suburban)

What is the distance from home?

What are the campus, the dormitories, fraternities/sororities, apartments and facilities like?

What are the dining facilities quality/quantity of food, training table?

Spiritual, aesthetic, cultural opportunities?

Quantity, quality of student body?

Attitude faculty, student body, and community towards athletes in general, your sport in particular.

What are the students like? What are the other players like? Do they seem to be quality people?

Does the school have character and spirit?

Consider the social aspect of the school. 

Will I fit in financially? 

What is the social climate of the


Can I attend the church of my choice?

Private, public, denominational school?

Climate—weather conditions

Quality of recruiting

V. Other Things to Consider 
What is the athletic tradition of the school?

Are they a regular NCAA participant?

Are they a

consistent winner?

Are they rebuilding?

Is the head coach secure in his/her job? How long does he or she intend to be at this school?

How long has

he or she been there? 

Where else has he or she coached?

Can I play/start as a freshman?

At what position am I being recruited?

What is the number of returning players, lettermen, or starters at my position?

How many players are they recruiting at my position? How many do they want to sign?

How many scholarships are they offering this year?

What are their offensive and defensive tendencies or philosophies?

What are the athletic facilities like? Fieldhouse? Locker Rooms? Practice Areas?

Strength Program and Weight Room?

What is their conference affiliation? 

What teams do they play?

Can this program help me reach my full potential?

What is the medical staff comprised of? What is the quality of prevention and care of injuries?

Doctors, trainers, medical facilities?

What is the policy toward serious injury and graduation?

If I sign early and am injured, do I still have a scholarship?

Is there media exposure? (Press, TV, Radio)

Has there been honesty and fairness in recruiting?

Has there been any history of NCAA probation or


Are there any local kids or other friends going to the school?

Alumni—job opportunity summer/after graduation.

Recreation facilities—fishing, hunting, skiing, swimming, etc…

Quality/type of athletes in general and your sport in particular?

Is the system of play compatible to your abilities?

What is their redshirt policy?


The Telfs Patriots Will Power ISN’s Tirol Combine (American Recruiters Now Have A Constant Eye In Europe)

ISN will be throwing a huge curveball in the recruiting game this coming September 25 with what we call Europe’s first recruiting event that’s for the athletes!! Players will be tested and have web bios on all of our sites for American coaches to evaluate,with recruiting and high school placement assistance. Players will also be rated & ranked on the ISN website.Player registering for the camp can find the link on our website this is an event you don’t want to miss, an opportunity that can’t be passed. If your a young athlete ask yourself this! Have I paid for a camp and went a gave my all? Yes What did I receive?A cool t shirt!!!! And the hopes of somehow getting seen are heard about. Well that’s were ISN is steps in! We are Europe’s first REAL recruiting service. Not only do players attend our combines are camps! Players also receive web bios similar to other American services. All information from ISN combine and camps will be list in their bios along with film and player evaluations. WHAT OTHER CAMP OR COMBINE HAS OFFERED YOU THIS? And it doesn’t stop there!!! Are you familiar with the USA and IFAF Development teams! I’m sure you have. Well we know first hand most guys can’t afford all the fees a lot are overlooked and some just don’t have the chance. THAT ALL STOPS WITH ISN Development Program. We offer the most affordable development program in the world and all proceeds goes right back towards the athletes. We have game sites set in GA and FL, interest from schools looking for friendly games and not to mention a list of coaches all ready to come see you guys perform! WE WORK! This summer alone we have gotten European athletes multiple offers, a couple of German players that believed in ISN are now heading to America to play HS ball in sunny California! NOW TELL ME IS ISN A SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST! 



 For more information about this event please don’t hesitate to contact us at : ASAP ALSO FOLLOW US ON Twitter @isnReporter & @ScoutISN

ISN Spotlight: AquinasHS Joshka Gustav/ Irish Invasion 

California’s AquinasHS Joshka Gustav was 1 of 55 players in the country to be invited to the Fighting Irish Camp this past weekend. 

From California to Indiana the German football stud stated “I had a GREAT time at the Irish invasion. The first half of the day was a campus and facilities tour which was amazing. UND seems like a great place to continue my education and play ball.” 

“Notre Dame players were showing us the campus, the very same guys we all watch on college game day. One of the best experience was the camp being held in the stadium. Not many guys get to step on that field let alone run around balling on it! It was a super experience getting coached by the ND staff, these are the best coaches in the country. My performance was nothing special but I did do well and believe I will stay on the ND radar!” 

We will be following Joshka and the Falcons close this season! Follow ISN for future News on German Stud Joshka Gustav!!

BIG 6 starts in the Third Season on Saturday


Battle for the Eurobowl XXX begins in France

After the first game in the EFL was already completed, the season of the first class in European football, the BIG6 European Football League, is starting this weekend.
The opener will take place on Saturday, the 9th of April at 6 p.m. in group A, when the Aix en Provence Argonautes and the Vienna Vikings face each other in the Complex Sportive Maurice David. For the eight-time French champions it is the debut in the top European league.
For the Austrians on the other hand, it is already the third season in the BIG6. Also the Vikings are the record holder in the Eurobowl history with five titles. The team from Vienna is traveling with a lot of confidence to Aix en Provence, because of two wins in two games in their national league. First they won with 31-0 at the Danube Dragons, then they celebrated their home opener last weekend against the Ljubljana Silverhawks with a 16-7 win.
Vienna Head Coach Chris Calaycay: “The Vienna Vikings are looking forward to the BIG6 game vs. the Argonauts. This will be the first time the teams have played since 2000 in the euro bowl group play. We are expecting a tough opponent and preparing for a fast and physical football game.“
But the host is going also still unbeaten in the European encounter. After a 39-12 against Temliers d’Elancourt, the Argonautes won their second game in the domestic league with 20- 6 at the French champion Thonon Black Panthers. It seems that both teams are in a good shape and both are prepared for the first game of the BIG6.
The group is completed by the New Yorker Lions, the reigning Eurobowl champion.
In the other group the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol, the Berlin Adler and the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns fight for a place in the European final.